Discounts for Seniors and Students on Oahu's Skyline Rail System

The Honolulu Skyline rail system is now up and running, and it's Hawaii's first subway system. After decades of preparation, the system opened its doors to the public for five days of free travel from June 30th to July. During this period, more than 71,000 people took advantage of the fee waiver. Starting July 1st, however, passengers must pay to ride the train.

Every first touch will include transfers, free of charge within the 2.5 hours. TheBus paper passes have been replaced by the HOLO e-card, which can be charged with cash or a pass online or at selected retail stores. Senior HOLO cards are available to passengers aged 65 and over with valid identification. These cards can be picked up at the Kalihi Transit Center or satellite town halls.

Cash will not be accepted for train travel. Are there any special discounts for seniors or students on the Oahu rail system? The answer is yes! Seniors aged 65 and over can get a discounted fare on the Skyline rail system. Students aged 18 and under can also get a discounted fare on the Skyline rail system. To take advantage of these discounts, seniors and students must present valid identification when purchasing their tickets. This will allow them to get the discounted fare. The Honolulu Skyline rail system is a great way to get around Oahu quickly and easily.

With discounted fares available for seniors and students, it's an even better deal! So if you're looking for a convenient way to get around Oahu, consider taking the Skyline rail system.

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