Riding the Honolulu Rail System: Rules and Regulations

If you're planning to take a ride on the Honolulu rail system, there are certain rules and regulations you must follow to ensure a safe and pleasant journey. The Honolulu City Council is currently working to approve new public transportation regulations to include the rail system, which is expected to receive its first passengers starting Friday at 2 p.m. Every first touch on the Honolulu rail system will include transfers, free of charge within the next 2.5 hours. Musical instruments and sound-emitting devices are not allowed unless the person is wearing headphones.

Eating and drinking are also prohibited, but passengers can still carry food in bags while traveling. The Skyline rail system is operated by the Honolulu Department of Transportation Services (DTS), which also operates TheBus and Handi-Van. The DTS expects to receive the full stretch of the rail system from Kapolei to Aloha Stadium this summer, once safety tests have been completed and verified. A hammerhead is a cement “cap” that is built on top of the columns of railway guides, at the location of train stations. According to the Project's original passenger forecast, only 10 percent of the planned rail passengers had Kakaako or Ala Moana as their final destination, meaning that 90 percent of the expected passengers would have left the train earlier or at the Civic Center station or would have boarded a bus at the Ala Moana Transit Center to reach their final destinations.

When the train system's temporary terminal is at the Civic Center station, improved bus service will be provided to take passengers to their final destinations. It is strictly prohibited to enter all train stations that are still under construction, the Railway Operations Center, the railway guide and all work sites.

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