Everything You Need to Know About the Honolulu Rail System

The Honolulu rail system is set to open in July, and the City Council is currently working to approve new public transportation regulations. Passengers will be able to board the train with a single touch on the boarding gate, and will be charged based on the type of HOLO card they have. There will be a transfer period of 2.5 hours after the first touch, which can be used to board a bus or train back and forth at no cost. Drinking and eating will be prohibited, but passengers can still carry food in bags while traveling. The city's Department of Transportation Services (DTS) will manage the rail system, and improved bus service will be provided to take passengers to their final destinations when the train system's temporary terminal is at the Civic Center station.

It is strictly forbidden to enter all train stations that are still under construction, the railway operations center, the railway guide and all workplaces. The hammerhead is a cement “cap” that is placed on top of the columns of the railway guides, at the location of the train stations. But in a city where there are thousands of different destinations and people's homes have a hundred thousand different origins, an autonomous railway line no longer makes sense. The Honolulu rail system has several restrictions that passengers should be aware of before boarding. Eating and drinking are not allowed on board, and it is prohibited to enter any train station that is still under construction. Additionally, it is not allowed to enter the railway operations center, railway guide or any workplace. The transfer period after the first touch is 2.5 hours, during which passengers can board a bus or train back and forth at no cost.

The hammerhead is a cement “cap” placed on top of the columns of the railway guides at each station. For more information about the Honolulu rail transportation project, check out the Railroad FAQs.

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