Exploring the Restrictions on Food and Drink on the Oahu Rail System

The Honolulu City Council is working to pass new regulations that will open the first nine stations of the Oahu Rail System to free travel on June 30. This marks a new era in Oahu's public transportation, allowing passengers to travel from city buses to the 11-mile, nine-station rail route from Kualaka'i Station in Kapolei Oriental to Halawa Station, near Aloha Stadium. Passengers will be charged based on their HOLO card and will be granted a 2.5 hour transfer period after their first touch. This transfer can be used to board a bus or train back and forth at no cost if used within 2.5 hours.

Jon Nouchi, deputy director of the city's Department of Transportation Services (DTS), which is now responsible for the operation of the system, has advised passengers not to lean on or block train doors and to let passengers out before boarding, which can cause “unintended delays” in the system. Honolulu police have been touring various railway scenarios for months, and 20 agents from the department's Specialized Services Division toured the trains inside the railway system's operations services building on Thursday. When it comes to food and drink, passengers are not allowed to bring any on board in order to keep the trains clean. However, people can still carry food in bags while traveling. With a single touch on the boarding gate, passengers can enter the station to board the next available train. Rail systems are much more compact than other forms of transportation.

While only 6 people can fit at most in a standard car, dozens of people can fit in a train car. This means that it is important for passengers to follow common sense and the general prohibitions of airlines about what they should and should not carry in each of the five or four cars that will initially circulate, said DTS director Roger Morton. The inauguration of this new form of public transportation represents a great opportunity for Oahu residents and visitors alike. However, it is important for passengers to be aware of the restrictions on food and drink that are in place in order to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience while traveling on the Oahu Rail System.

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